This year's Spring Garden Party theme is "Finding Your Roots."

This fundraising event for PBS KVIE will be held at the home of Jason Kinney and Mary Gonsalves Kinney

in Sacramento's Fabulous 40s neighborhood.

Suggested dress is attire of your heritage or come as you wish.

Tickets are $250 each.
To buy tickets, click
here or call 916-641-3602.
Sponsorships available.

Event postponed to September with date TBD.

 For more details call (916) 641-3602












In-Kind Sponsors



Rusty Areias & Julie Sandino ▪ Joseph Babich ▪ Sacramento Kings

(partial list)

Tracy Beckwith and Nancy Miller, co-chairs

Hedy Govenar, Pramila Kriplani, Greg Larsen, Donna Lucas, Jason Kinney & Mary Gonsalves Kinney,

Craig & Julie McNamara, LeShelle May, Beth Miller, Cassandra Pye, Scott & Celestine Syphax


KVIE Board of Directors

Tracy Beckwith ▪ Roy Brewer ▪ Erica Dias ▪ Cassandra Ferrannini ▪ Hedy Govenar

Ben Gumpert ▪ Dr. Frederika Harmsen ▪ Pramila Kriplani ▪ Greg Larsen ▪ Laura Lewis ▪ LeShelle May ▪ Beth Miller ▪ Nancy Miller

Frank Myers ▪ Michelle Odell ▪ Cyril Shah ▪ Brad Simmons ▪ Erica Taylor ▪ Tom Weborg ▪ R. Brooks Whitehead